Guide for Thesis Writers

For the instructions and guidelines for thesis writing, please download

bmetez_0.pdf (pdf format) " December 2021 update

!!! It is mandatory to use LaTeX for the M.S. or Ph.D. Thesis Writers !!!!

For the LaTeX,

Click here to download LaTeX software (Basic MikTeX ) and click here to download Editor (TeXnic Center). December 2021 update

For pictures to be inserted in the text in postscript (.ps) or encapsulated postscript (.eps) format,

download Ghostscripts

and run the LATEX->PS->PDF option in LaTeX editor environment.


REMINDER !!!  Please you print the final pdf version of your thesis by 
choosing the "fit" knob for the size options to have the pages in their 
proper margins.

The following files should also be downloaded;

December 2021 update


bmetez_0.tex" (sample source file : you will edit your own file with an arbitrary filename) 
bmetez_0.sty " (the style file will be used in compilation: DO NOT EDIT!) 
bmetez_0.bst " (the bibliography style file will be used in compilation: DO NOT EDIT!) 
bmetez_0.bib "(sample bibliography file containing the references: you will edit your own references with an arbitrary filename) 
mlp.eps " (sample figure file in encapsulated postscript format (.eps) )